Friday, December 31, 2010

Wishes for 2011!

I am sorry for my long absence ! My daughter had been sick for the past week. She had Pneumonia and was hospitalized, treated with oxygen antibiotics etc. I wanted to end this year with a sweet dish, but the last week has been very hard for my little girl and us. I treat lots of sick kids, but when it's your own it is totally different.

I am so thankful that she is better and we came home today. It is gonna take couple of days for her to recover and am sure she will bounce back well.

In the mean time, I managed to squeeze 5 mins to wish all my wonderful blog friends a wonderful and prosperous new year!

May 2011 bring you all joy, happiness, good health and prosperity!

See you next year!


  1. Hey Priya-- wishing you the very best in 2011 and always ! Lotsa love and hugs to ur daughter--hope she springs back to action asap !

  2. Wishing you and family a happy and prosperous new year.Take care of ur daughter, my prayers are with u dear..

  3. Glad to hear she is feeling a little better..lots of love n hugs to the little princess!!

    Have a great n prosperous 2011!!

    US Masala

  4. It is tough indeed to see little ones sick. Hope she's better now. New year wishes to you!

  5. Just tuning in to read your blog,,,I am so sorry to hear Priya - I hope little V is all better now - how is the daycare coming along? Hugs to the little one - my baby had a huge bount of stmoach virus went on for 3 weeks and started on New year's eve - coming back alone with her was a challenge - She too is getting better - slowly her little stomach is still off and on "valliki" as she puts it - sometimes can't wait for them to grow up, no??


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