Monday, August 31, 2015

Paal Payasm , Kerala style / Milk Kheer

I have another post on Paal Payasam, where I cook it on a open vessel method. Check out my previous recipe here Paal Payasam

 It takes a little time, but totally worth it.

This version is an easy method of making paal payasam in the pressure cooker. It does not involve a lot of stirring and the final product has a light pinkish color and tastes so good. You need a big pressure cooker and a tall vessel to go inside it. My mom used to make this type a lot, however my mother in law will always make the open vessel type. The rule of thumb for paal payasam is 1 litre milk needs a hand full of rice and half sugar. Kerala red payasam rice gives a great authentic flavor. I did not have that and used sona masoori rice.

Kerala Pal Payasam does not usually have any cardamom, cashews or raisins and just has the milky flavor.

This payasam served during special feasts goes very well with Poli!

Get Ready

  • 2% milk 2 cups  ( 500 ml)
  • 1/2 handfull of raw rice 
  • 1/2 cup sugar


  • Wash the rice
  • Add the rice to the milk in a tall vessel.

  • Add little water than normal inside the pressure cooker.
  • Keep the vessel with milk and rice inside the pressure cooker.

  • Cover and cook for 3 whistles and simmer for 25- 30 mins.
  • Turn the heat off. let it rest for 15 mins and then open the cooker.
  • You will see the milk changed color and rice cooked well.
  • Add the sugar to this and cook directly on low flame for 10 -15 mins till the sugar completely dissolves, stirring in between.

  • Turn the heat off and serve. This payasm tastes even better when chilled.