Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby food, Popeye pasta & few more thnigs...

My daughter is now 19 months old and it's such a fun to be around with her! Her favorite word now is "NO". She used to eat without much trouble until 16 months.
Now meal times are challenging!
When she was 6 months old i started her on gerber stage 1 food like any other mom. Stage 2 was ok, but when it came to stage 3 there were not many veggie options.

Lots of people may think home made food is better than container food for babies! But as a pediatrician I disagree with that and will say home made and jar  foods are equally nutritious! It's personal preference and what your baby likes that you can go for either one.

My daughter liked mainly peas, green beans, apple sauce, strawberry banana, mango, hawiian something fruit medley etc etc.

By 11 months to 1 year we all give rice, dal, kichdi etc. But my daughter had trouble eating lumpy food for some reason.
I wanted to share some other foods that I tried with my daughter that she loved. Unfortunately i don't have pictures for all these. Many recipies were adaptedf rom annabel karmel's website.


Peel and take the flesh of the avocado. add some cream cheese and mash it well or puree with some milk. season as you like.
Suitable for 9 months & above

Sweet potato:

Cut them into small pieces. Add butter, saute a little onions and few chopped tomatoes. add the sweet potato, some water, cover and cook till soft. season according to taste  and puree it.
suitable from 10 months onwards.

Sweet potatoes can be mashed and mixed with a little cinnamon and can be given from 1 yr too.


This was one of my favorite. Chop some spinach, sautee with onion and tomato. season and puree it with milk or cream  like for palak dishes. You can get mini star shaped pasta in all super markets. cook pasta according to instructions and toss with the spinach sauce. MAke some extra sauce and that was for my son's (10 yrs) spaghetti which we called pop eye pasta!

you can add some cheese in all these too.
suitable for 1 yr and above

I used to make a similar sauce with carrots, roast red bell peppers and mix it with star pasta.

These were easy to prepare and my daughter gobbled them up!
I would love to hear  your experiences in baby food and any other meal ideas for toddlers..


  1. Lovely post priya, very helpful for new moms.
    I have a 3 year old and her favorite word has been NO as well lol..
    I always made baby food at home as well, I think that's just the best.

  2. beautiful n very useful post priya ...thanks for sharing


  3. Thanks Priya for this info. It surely helps as my second one is almost 11 months old. I am so with you that baby food and home made food, both are nutritious. With my older one (who is now 5.5 yrs. old), I had trouble with lumpy food too. I was pureeing food for him till he was little over 2. So, I hear your pain :)

  4. Very informative post Priya.

  5. Very informative post, useful for young moms..


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