Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sin Sangria Alcohol/No Alcohol Sangria

Why should the non alcohol drinkers be deprived of this all time favorite summer drink?
So ejoy this Non alcohol sangria.

"Sangre" means blood. Of course all medics will know that! One of the many broken spanish words that we've used a million times during residency!..Phew.. It's over!

Sangria is a very famous summer time drink in spain known for its bright blood red color. Traditionally it is made with red wine, fruits and few other things. It is served chilled  and is very refreshing.

I tried to make a similar one without alcohol. So you and the kids can enjoy this summer cooler.

What you need:

Crangrape juice 3/4 cup
Orange Juice 1/4 cup
Lemon/ lime soda to fill up to 1 cup
1/4 '' circular orange and lime slices

Mix the Grape and OJ. add the fruit slices and keep in the fridge. The fruits will absorb all the flavors of the mixed juices.

When you are about serve, add the soda and mix.

People who have tasted the real sangria should try this and let me know your comments please! Does this get a thumbs up or down.

I am sending this to Priya's AWED spain.

Have a cool weekend!


  1. sangria looks awesome,beautiful n refreshing ...wonderful treat for this summer ..
    hey priya u still didn't tell which vegetable used for the curry ,the one ur friend sent to u ur earlier post ??


  2. Priya, that is surely a thirst quenching drink and I would love to prepare it soon. Thanks for sending it to my event. Will expect your email soon :)

  3. No alcohol sangria looks great and prefect..


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