Friday, July 23, 2010

Shiva's Dancing

I love to read.... I wish i had more time, so I can read! I was gobsmacked by the public library services when I moved to the west 7 yrs ago. It's just unbelievable!
I am glad that my kids love to read too.
Anyways I thought I will share some of the books I read or reading. I would also welcome to hear from you all about your recent interesting reads!

Bharti Kirchner is an excellent author and I read tow of her books, Shiva's Dancing and Sharmila's book. i just couldn't put the book down.

Shiva's Dancing about an indain Girl who was abducted by bandits in a small village of rajsthan and how her life changed after that. She  was kidnapped on her childhood wedding day. She then meets her childhood husband 28 yrs later and finds her true love.

Sharmila's book is about an American Indian girl who is coming to India for an arranged marriage and is torn between 2 cultures.
I am so happy that I read these books and can't wait to try her latest book "Darjeeling".

Happy reading!


  1. i love reading too.. that sounds awesome..

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  3. Got it...
    More books on my list now :)


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