Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tombstone Cupcakes, Deviled Eyes and a Party!

Halloween is the best holiday next to Christmas! Well, I didn't say this but all my neighbor hood kids did!

A day were all kids get their sugar high and a day when all parents try to pick the one almond joy, or a snickers bars from their kids cauldron!

Hehe... been there done that!

Any way our neighbor had a halloween party and I made tombstone cup cakes and devilled eyes! You should seee the eyes of the kids brightening up as they saw the whole tray!

This time I made cup cakes in ice cream cone, so it was a double yummy treat for them.

Tombstone cupcakes

  • Any boxed cake mix
  • Ice cream cones ( the ones with a flat base)
  • crushed oreo cookies
  • Milano cookies broken in half
  • Chocolate frosting
  • Black, red or any color iceing pen.

  • Bake the cake as per box instructions. Instead of sup cake liners use ice cream cones as shown below.
  • Once they are cooled, cover with chocolate frosting, Use those little hands to help as they love doing these stuff and licking the knife afterwards.
  • Sprinkle crushed oreos which is the dirt.
  • Write RIP, or draw a cross on the milano cookies and insert them in the cake. this is the tombstone!
  • You could add green sprinkles, as grass, some gummy worms and make it as gross as you want.
The box mix gave 12 cone cakes and the rest i made it as 8" cake. We decoated with mini masrsh mallow ghosts and more oreo dirt.

Placing the foil on the muffin tray, holds the ice cream cones in place and doesn't let them topple over. Keep them in the foil when you are done decoarting the cake to trtansport without any mishaps!

Deviled Eyes:

  • Hard boil eggs. omce cooled cut them and take the yolks out.
  • Mash the yolks well. add mayonnaise, djion mustard, salt, paprika to the yolk.
  • Fill a zip lock bag with yolk mixture.
  • Snip off the end and pipe it onto the cut egss.
  • Arrange a sliced olive, or fruit loop as I used for theeyeball.
  • Draw red lines/ squigges for the blood vesseks with tomato ketchup and a tooth pick.
You sure are gonna be one cool Mom!

Enjoy and Happy trick or treating!


  1. awesome idea!! baking in a ice cream cone.

  2. lovely! wow----am sure the kids would have gone crazy seeing such cool stuff. way to go!

  3. Such a fun and awesome idea for halloween.. cone cup cakes and deviled eyes both look awesome definitely will be the coolest mom :)

    US Masala

  4. Awesome looking snacks..Loved the idea of baking cones ...

  5. Excellent Idea for a perfect n super cool Halloween.

  6. Cupcakes and deviled eyes looks absolutely yummy, prefect for Halloween..

  7. Real devilish look,picture perfect for Halloween,loved them.

  8. Cool idea for the cone cakes and the devils ...
    first time here and loved your blog.

  9. You're so creative, these are great and yum!

  10. Cone cakes and eggs look awesome and delicious...lovely

    Pushpa @


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