Monday, October 26, 2009

Avocado chapathi

I fed my baby with some mashed Avocado. I had the the other half sitting . I did not want to eat it nor did I want it to turn black.

So I added a little lemon juice, mashed it and added atta, salt, green chillies. So basically the mashed avocado got incorporatedi n the atta.
I made chappathis the usual way and it was super duper soft.

I didn't have time to click pics and trust me those chappathis were awesome.


  1. hey how old is ur baby...mine is only 4 months...i just started giving him solids...can i feel him this?

  2. Sorry sruj I am replying so late. I started giving mashed avocado with some cream cheese to my bay at 9 months of age. 4 months is too early.
    BTW Ia m Pediatrician too....



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