Sunday, August 6, 2017

Instant pot: Is it what you want?

I was debating since last thanksgiving whether if I should give in and get an instant pot or not! Finally, I gave in! I use my stove top Indian pressure cooker a lot, I mean A LOT! I was not keen to buy another kitchen gadget just sitting around in my kitchen. I spent hours looking online, reading reviews on Amazon to get a clear idea. But, I was even more confused after doing all the research.

I joined social media groups for instant pot and found that a new mini instant pot, 3 quart was available in the market. I was torn between choosing a 3 quart versus 6 quart.  I know I sound crazy, but hey, My zodiac is libra &; I am supposed to confused when t comes to making choices.

Finally, I made up my mind and ordered the instant pot mini, from Amazon. The pot arrives just the day before we plan to go on a vacation. The inner 3 quart vessel looked much smaller than what I had imagined. But, I thought it should be ok as it is just myself, DH,DD at home. My DS was moving to college and my DH travels a lot. So, reassured myself saying it is just 2 people or 3 max and this size should be ok for our family. I kept dreaming about my new toy, how to use it, what to cook in it etc etc. Unbelievable isn't it!"

We return from vacation, and the first thing I cook in the instant pot was rice! Let me tell you something, I just wanted to cry. The rice turned into a big MUSH! I was heart broken guys!
But, I did not want to give up! I figured out what went wrong and worked on understanding my IP better. So far, I have successfully cooked plain rice, toor dal, pav bhaji masala, tomato rasam and onion arachu vita sambar. I have been very happy with my purchase and will share my recipes soon.

So, the bottom line of is Instant Pot for you .....

1. It is versatile ( sauté, pressure cook, slow cook, yogurt maker, delay start, keep warm etc)
2. It is safe
3. One does not have to count whistles, and baby sit like a regular pressure cooker
4. It looks sleek
5. You can cook more and freeze with out much worries
6. One can take take it on trips and cook as all you need is power outlet


1. It is much expensive than a pressure cooker
2. It is slower than a regular pressure cooker to build up pressure and cook. ( my prestige, butterfly pressure cookers are so much faster in building up pressure and cooks faster)
3. Uses electricity compared to gas

This has been my experience with IP.

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