Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shpeak only English Please!

Have you had your nails mani'ed or pedi'ed recently? Not me though! I dunno, I've never been regular in keeping my toe nails looking super cool! One thing that puts me off from going to the chinku nail place is not understanding what they talk.

Let me share what I felt !, Peelingsu!
The scene is me walking into a nail place!

Me: I want a pedicure!
Nail Girl ( NG): 10 mins wait please!
Me: Okay, flipping through all the magazines, got my fix of J lo's beach body and AJ's anorexic images

NG: come in!
 they start doing my pedicure. NG enages in a conversation with her chinku colleague!
Ng: anjong.. shankoung etc....
Me translating & thinking :  kaalai pardui! pedicure e paninadhillai pola irukku! eva kaalai pidikkanuma? tip tharuvanu ninaikkara..

 goes on and on till

NG: Ok All done $ 15 dhollars please!

It is natural for one to think that they are talking about you when you don't understand a word from their thiru vai!

I come out thinking " appada, all done1 i should look at some you tube videos and learn how to do pedicure!

Next day at work. My MA says , patient is ready in room 2! 2 yr old carlos has a fever.

I knock and enter the room. Carlos looks happy on mom's lap. Mom has had enough time to appify make up, lipstick etc, even though her son is very sick!  How come I never get time to do anything to keep myself pretty! Azhagu irundhadhane  enru think pannnuvadhu enakku theriyum!

Mom: Habla Espanol?
Me: No, let me get my MA

MA walks in. Ola, ola goes on!
I ask mom how long has Carlos has had the fever?

MA and Mom talk for atleast 2 mins in semma fast spanish.
MA looks at me tells fever for 1 day!
What the heck? yuo both were talking so long and you tell me 1 day

couple of semma long spanish conversations go on and i tell mom that Carlos has a cold and treat him with tylenol/ motrin etc.

Mom looks at me thinking is she " Loca"

Romba kodumaiappa, when you don't know what people are talking if you cannot understand!
so makkale, Sheak English please if you are in Us of A!

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