Friday, March 18, 2016


"Pizzadilla" Cool name isn't it? I know you all are rolling your eyes!

The first time I heard and tasted  something called "pizzawich" was at a joint called "Which wich" in Charlottesville, 2011. It was such a simple thing to make but the name sounded so cool that my son then 11 used love them a lot.

I have made pizzawich so many times and my kids love them! So this time I made pizzadilla, pretty simple right.

If you have kids that likes red sauce pasta and cheese, just go straight to the kitchen to make these!
This is a great food to cook with your kids or when having play dates. My daughter loves to spread the sauce, sprinkle cheese etc. She feels like a big grown  up chef, making them and eating them as well.

Get Ready:

  • Medium Flour tortillas
  • Pizza/ pasta sauce
  • grated cheese ( I had colby and montery jack)
  • olive oil for brushing

Other options include, chopped red onions, bell peppers, olives, mushroom, pine apples etc etc.


  • Heat a skillet
  • Spread pizza/ pasta sauce on a flour tortilla. sprinkle cheese. fold the tortilla over

  • Brush with olive oil and cook on both sides, pressing down with a spatula till the cheese is ooey gooey and the tortillas are golden brown. Cut them into triangles with a pizza cutter/ knife and serve.

  • Serve with sour cream, salsa or more pizza sauce for dipping.
You will be the super cool mom if you do this on a play date!

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